Region: Roussillon
Country: France


Amistat is first and foremost a story of friendship being discreetly bottled. Tired by the standardization of taste, Julien Ditte and Olivier Cazenave aim to have wines which are authentic, natural and simply pleasurable. The minimal intervention allows their passionate Grenache embedded in the Catalan landscape to express itself in the purest way possible.


In search of balance in wines of their passionate Grenache, they look towards Aspres, an area south of Perpignan and close to the Spanish border with a soil composed of degraded schist. They respect the ancestral vineyards. The 70 years old vines are worked without the use of herbicides and each year become healthier and more balanced.


The wine shows its generosity through sweet fruit and is balanced by good acidity giving the impression of freshness. The brown schist soil is responsible for delicate and silky tannins. They favour indigenous yeasts, natural stabilization and no filtration. The minimal use of sulphites is sometimes as low to be undetectable. The delicate flavours and styles of the wines are something unique and memorable