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Region: Bordeaux
Country: France


Tired by the cuvees well made but standardized and too much expensive, Olivier Cazanave desire to produce tasty, affordable and especially a self-corresponding wine. After endless searching and visiting, he and his wife came across a property in Bordeaux, next to the bank of Dordogne. At Chateau de Bel, it’s the total opposite of those famous wines. Everything turns around humility and common sense: the size of the property, the localization, the house and the limited means and his desire to produce his own wines.

Situated on the border of the beautiful Dordogne, with sand and clay limestone, the well-located area is at least from the 17th century. After restructuration in 2005, their 8 hectares vineyards plant high quality Merlot and especially Cabernet Franc which is one of Olivier’s favourite varieties. Since 2016, all their vineyards are cultivated with biodynamic agriculture, with the aim of providing their land and wine with the natural and radiance characteristics.