L’Antica Quercia

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Region: Conegliano
Country: Italy


The best dreams are born under the shadow of a great tree.


Walking through the vineyards, sitting beneath the shade of the Antica Quercia (Ancient Oak) and listening to the silence, you will understand more of the winery. Along the axis connecting high peaks of Dolomites to Venice, the Scomigo hills are the place where the winery L’Antica Quercia settles at. It is a beautiful place to stay, with people respecting their land and living in harmony with the nature.


L’Antica Quercia not only makes the Prosecco Superiore Spumante but also Colfondo, Tranquillo and Colli di Conegliano Rosso. You should try the whole series of wines, from a traditional interpretation of Prosecco to a pure expression of the grape Glera; celebrating good moments with the carefully crafted bubbly or enjoying a silent night with the elegant red blend. You will find in the bottle craftmanship, and the reward from the nature.