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Chateau Lalande Borie 2013

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Region: Saint-Julien, Bordeaux

Grapes: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Merlot, 4% Cabernet Franc

Soil: N/A

Winemaking: N/A

Alcohol: N/A

Annual Production: N/A


The 2013 vintage of Bordeaux was extremely difficult. With cold and wet weather, delay of vegetation cycle, hailstorms and threat of rot just before harvesting, many wineries lost a lot of harvest and had a very low yield. In winemaking, those who chose to over extract suffered; those who preferred a light style or waited for ripe fruits won the bet. Chateau Lalande-Borie, however, managed to produce an elegant and quality wines in such vintage. The 2013 vintage of Chateau Lalande-Borie was a success. The wine shows softness and elegance with aromas of flower, lively berries, liquorice and hint of herbs. The medium bodied wine is filled with purity of cherry and raspberry. Light and clean.



Owned by the Borie Family, Chateau Lalande-Borie is a close relative to the “Super Second” Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou. The label of Chateau Lalande-Borie also shows such affiliation to her famous counterpart with the golden yellow theme. Yet, being the smaller sister, Chateau Lalande-Borie has a rather short history. It was found by Jean Eugene Borie in 1970s after he purchased 30 hectares vineyard of which 18 hectares were from Chateau Lagrange.

The chateau is situated close to Chateau Lagrange, Chateau Talbot and Chateau Gruaud Larose. The fineness and balanced expression of the Saint-Julien appellation gain Chateau Lalande-Borie the reputations and popularities in recent years.


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