La Veille Des Landes 2016


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Region: AOP Montagne Saint Emilion, Bordeaux, France

Grapes: Merlot

Soil: Clay and limestone

Winemaking: Extracted by punching after carbonic maceration / Assembly of juices and crushed matter (paradise!).

Annual Production:

Translucent dark purple, with numerous tears on the walls of the glass after agitation. Light and expressive, with notes of dark fruit liquors, violets, spices and a touch milky, more mineral with aeration. Well-rounded, rich and silky, full of flesh, density and strength. On the whole fresh and juicy, an acid aftertaste which brings power and tonicity, an asserted structure sustained by dense but ripe tannins.
Thanks to his experience of Pinots and their limestone grounds in the Burgundy region with Francois De Nicolay, Jeff partners up with Olivier and his knowledge of the Bordeaux region and its Merlots on an adventure in the organic world of the Merlot.
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